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Letters from our Listeners


From a reviewer on PRX: (www.prx.org)

I hate "edgy" - mostly due to the posers who use the term and how they misuse it. This is an entertaining, clever, polished and wonderfully adventurous series of 3:30 stories or strips.

And it's spectacularly edgy.

11th Central Ave is an ongoing radiostrip that follows the breakfast conversation and topical day-to-day over-analysis of Nat, the unemployed husband; Christine, his wife and somewhat ambivalent bread-winner; Anneliese, their 17 year old daughter and others, including Christine's libertarian brother with a masters degree in government (he works at Kinkos).

This is a raw, but tightly focused lens onto our present day, where the story line and characters give a human and humorous voice to today's social, political and economic ups and mostly downs.

Quick paced in your face, biting, cynical and smart, very funny and occasionally heart breaking - 11th Central Ave's acting, writing and directing operate on an enviously high scale.

I always look forward every Friday to 11 central ave… I was just thinking this morning about Anneliese and how many other people are forced to go that route due to no other options available, even for the more well off… and I was then thinking how much I have appreciated and related to 11 central ave over the year and a half that I have been listening and how the smart sly humor fits my lifestyle and always gave me a fun little laugh to start my Fridays on my bus ride to work… this is the quintessential democratic family stuck somewhere between hippie and yuppie and trying to hold on to social values in a world that tries to impose the “me first attitudes”… I just love your program and its always engaging and humorous and I just wanted to say thanks!!!

Marty (WBEZ Chicago listener)

As a station that plays 11 Central Ave, I have the unique privilege of listening to the program before its broadcast.

In recent months, the house has been abuzz with events and ideas that are torn from the pages of our current lives as they plumb the zeitgeist for both comedy and social commentary.

However, today, I was left speechless after this broadcast. We air this program after our largest newscast of the day at Noon Friday. After reading about the realities of a student who was so alienated by his classmates he built an arsenal and planned a horrible attack against them, I was struck by how hard it is to report these events day after day because we often see only a face or hear a name that will elicit reactions and repercussions for a long time.

"The Birthday Present" is a brilliant story that brings out all of the levels of the reaction to any teenage tragedy. And, it packs a serious wallop. Even as I type now, I am having to hold back tears as the concise and powerful story's repercussions continue to dominate my thoughts...and I still have to read that same story again.

If you have not given this program a chance because you think it is some silly character-driven comedy that no one will appreciate-you are robbing your audience of an opportunity to actually feel something for characters on public radio. I use that word 'feel' because, the program's cast of characters, multiple story threads are designed to elicit a variety of reactions from a broad swath of your audience. I also use that word, because it is not often that public radio leaves you touched, shaken and struggling with actually knowing what to "feel."
I loved today's show. I am actually an MBA student at Kellogg and had the opportunity to travel to India with a group of 35 classmates. The comic struck a chord because we all returned and have been obsessed with Indian culture ever since-- I am looking for any opportunity to wear my sari again. I really love 11 central ave -- the concept and the comics themselves.
Just wanted to say that I love 11 Central Ave. Topical, clever and well done. I get it via podcast and look forward to it each week. I do listen to and support public radio, but can't depend on always finding it there. Very glad you're available on podcast. Thanks.
It's not clever, it's not funny, it's not entertaining - it's stilted, uninventive, pathetic, self-absorbed bullshit. STOP polluting our airways please.
I tuned in today during the middle of a poem—sounded like a WWI setting--what was it?
PS--I love your stories

Heard your show a couple of times on NPR. I would rather listen to a crying child on an overdue airline flight.

thanks! you make me laugh; "Subtle, insightful, thoughtful... and very funny. Don't miss it!" My review.
My mom raves to me about how funny your show on WBUR is. Have you made any recordings that I could purchase and give to her?
Thanks, Ann

Hello 11 Central Ave:
Great show!
Just Great! I love it!


You have the worst show on the radio. You make me hate Fridays. Please stop. Please. I can't get WBEZ to stop broadcasting you... apparently you are friends with someone in power over their or you're fucking someone in charge of it...so please:

STOP YOUR SHITTY SHITTY SHOW You are so effete. You are so pretentious. You are so what is wrong with baby boomers. You are what is wrong with public radio.

10 for 11! Great little show !!
Thanks –chris
I like all the shows but the one that prompted my email was:
Episode #30. It jelled with me, well....because I too am on a Indian kick. I am a software engineer who works with a lot of Indians. We have many talks about cultural differences. I also listen to my share of Indian music and greet my software teammates with namaste. Plus, I was planning a "Passage to India" until my daughter got accepted to college and I looked at the cost.
I too have made calls to supports lines only to find out I am talking to somebody in India.
The opening conversation between Christine and the Indian support guy is so funny. God, where do I begin...
--looking up the name in Hindi.
--The reference about the mother's recipe.
--What's the weather like there?
--The music in the background. Very witty.

The fact that the other's don't like the music. I have friends like that too.
Who ever said "Urdu" in the background (I guess it was Nat) funny!
And how do you say blackberry in Hindi...."Blackberry" I was on the floor.
I thought to myself, Like God, who writes this stuff.
I was listening to the episode at work...again and one of indian team mates walked into my cube. I said, "Dude, you have to listen to this." He loved it.
You guys are very witty. I like your style of humor. Cultural satire.
My demographic:
African American (Black)
Age: 48
Divorced w/two college age kids
job: Software Engineer
So, I guess I relate to the parental themes, tech themes, You had a episode that dealt with race a few weeks back with Dante. Nice.
Yep. I guess I am a fan of the show.
Well, man... I guess I wrote too much.
anyway that's my rant.
Found 11 Central Ave a few months ago. Great show. Just heard the new (old) neighbor, Sherwin Sleeves. Very funny, in a bizarre way. Hope he visits again.
D Lawson
I listen to "11 Central Ave." during Weekend Edition Sunday on WBUR in Boston. The episode by
Rick Moody was chilling and beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Today, hearing the Ruth Pennebaker episode blew me away. I'm an older non-mother (by choice) with lots of mom and non-mom friends. Some of the non-mom friends are desperate to reproduce... some mom-friends have done so at an advanced age with some scary medical consequences to themselves and their babies, thankfully with happy endings... and others are hypereducated corporate sharks and professional overachievers who now are at home with 4 kids! It was wild hearing multiple voices so plainly speaking things --contradictory things -- I had hardly dared to
think to myself. Thanks to you and to Ruth Pennebaker for seemingly speaking right to me and improving my Sunday morning, and many thanks to all of you at 11 Central Ave. for introducing me to Ruth Pennebaker.
I suspect that the thrust of Rick Moody’s piece was what you’ve been aiming at all along. You finally got there. Perhaps all the banality was worth it. Here’s hoping that your other writers approach what I heard this morning. I realize how hard it is to put art together, I do, I really do. Best of luck!
The episode this morning was amazing, and I look forward to sharing it with my family….we’re in college-search mode. When will it be available on the website?
Please God, make it stop!
I was lucky enough to hear your show for the first time on my way to work this morning. It was a wonderful skit on Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes. We show this video in many classes in intro to gender. Is this brand new? I searched on iTunes as well as the homepage but could not find anindication of it.
Thanks very much!